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Children's Christmas Party 2018

On Saturday 1st December we welcomed nearly 50 children with their parents to the Christmas Party at Crosshouse Hospital. We had entertainment from Jiggy Wrigglers , party food, games and a visit from Santa. Lots of fun!

Cochlear Children’s Xmas Party 2018 Cochlear Children’s Xmas Party 2018 Cochlear Children’s Xmas Party 2018 Cochlear Children’s Xmas Party 2018 Cochlear Children’s Xmas Party 2018 Cochlear Children’s Xmas Party 2018 Cochlear Children’s Xmas Party 2018 Cochlear Children’s Xmas Party 2018 Cochlear Children’s Xmas Party 2018 Cochlear Children’s Xmas Party 2018 Cochlear Children’s Xmas Party 2018 Cochlear Children’s Xmas Party 2018 Cochlear Children’s Xmas Party 2018 Cochlear Children’s Xmas Party 2018 Cochlear Children’s Xmas Party 2018 Cochlear Children’s Xmas Party 2018 Cochlear Children’s Xmas Party 2018 Cochlear Children’s Xmas Party 2018 Cochlear Children’s Xmas Party 2018 Cochlear Children’s Xmas Party 2018

Fabulous pumpkin carved by Rory, one of our young users for Halloween.

This is a poem that was written by one of the parents of a young implant user for International Cochlear Implant Day.

On International Cochlear Implant day
from Nathan, Victoria and James Murphy

My son was born profoundly deaf
He couldn't hear a sound
Even if you banged on a drum
He wouldn't turn around

Imagine what his life was like
A soundless world is bleak
It's thanks to cochlear implants
That he could learn to speak

Without his two processors
We'd never hear his voice
He wouldn't be in mainstream school
He wouldn't have much choice

He wouldn't listen to music
Or the sound of the sea
He wouldn't hear people laughing
How a whole life could be

Today we celebrate science
And every one of you
Who has helped in any way
We give our thanks to you

Children's Christmas Party 2017

On Saturday 2nd December we hosted the annual Children's Christmas Party at Crosshouse Hospital which was attended by over 50 children and their families. We had entertainment from 'The Jiggy Wrigglers' and a visit from Santa which the children really enjoyed. Thank you to all the staff who helped make it possible.

Young Fan Gets To Jam At Airbourne Soundcheck!

At their recent show at the Barrowlands in Glasgow, Airbourne made a young fan's dream come true when they invited him to jam with them at their soundcheck.

14 year old Andrew is a huge Airbourne fan who has lost his sight and part of his hearing over the last 5 years but is a resilient, determined young man who is now also an accomplished drummer! Andrew is an inspiration to others and rock music has kept him going through his darkest hours, one of his favourite sayings when times are tough is inspired by Airbourne's lyrics "there ain't no way but the hard way!"

Andrew had the best time ever when he got the chance to play a song with his heroes and chose to play the song that keeps him going through the toughest times.

Airbourne Soundcheck 1

Airbourne Soundcheck 2

Cochlear Themed Cupcakes

Beautiful 'cochlear themed' cupcakes made by Abigail Brown's Mum.
Abigail is one of our newest cochlear implant users. Thank you!

Cochlear Themed Cupcakes

Olivia takes part in the Rickshaw Challenge

The One Show's Rickshaw Challenge is back, with a new team of riders and route across Britain's East Coast. Returning for a sixth year, the team will cover a 470-mile journey from the Scottish market town of Jedburgh to central London, all to raise money for BBC Children in Need.

BBC Rickshaw Challenge

This year the rickshaw will once again be pedalled by six young riders, all of whom have been supported by BBC Children in Need funded projects. One of these riders is one of our cochlear implant users Olivia Preston. Follow the link below to find out more.

Good luck Olivia!

Find out more!

Angus Richardson graduates and was asked to be an ambassador for a wetsuit company

Angus Richardson, a cochlear implant user, has finished and graduated from IBTC (International Boatbuilding Training College) now and gone back to work at a traditional boatyard whilst continuing with a couple of his own projects in his big shed at home.

Angus was asked to be an ambassador for a wetsuit company after some of his videos on You Tube were spotted by a film maker. Follow the link below to watch.

View on YouTube

Gillian Low has a blog publish in The Herald

Gillian Low, a cochlear implant user , has written a blog entitled 'Deaf people have needs that many employers must recognise' and it has been published in The Herald.

Follow the link below to read her very interesting article.

Read The Blog

Angus Richardson receives the Royal Highland Yacht Club's 125th Anniversary Award

Below is an article on Angus Richardson , a cochlear implant user who has recently been presented with the Royal Highland Yacht Club's 125th Anniversary Award, presented to support the recipient in a sailing related activity.

We would like to congratulate Angus on his award and wish him well in his future endeavours.

Read PDF

Maisie with her custom t-shirt!

Here's one of our young cochlear implant users Maisie with her custom made t-shirt - very cool!

Maisie Custom T-Shirt

Funday 2015

This year the annual Cochlear Fun Day was held at Calderglen Country Park , East Kilbride. The weather stayed dry and we had fun with games and entertainment from The Fun Factory. There were lots of adults and children there dressed up in the theme 'Pirates & Princesses'. It was a great day out.

Transition Pack

Charlie Logan

Congratulations to Charlie Logan, a cochlear implant user since the age of three and who has recently realised his dream of becoming a graduate stylist at Hair by JFK. He has been featured in an article in June’s edition of  the hairdressing magazine HJi. You can read the full article here.

Well done Charlie, we wish you every success in your future career.

Charlie Logan

Deaf or hard of hearing? Aged 16-25? Thinking about going to College?

The College Preparation Course may be for you. Click the links below to download the flier or a booking form.

Leaving school this year or next?

Transition Pack

Ask for a transitions appointment where we can give you lots of information on accessories and benefits available to you.

Going into hospital?

Hospital Admission Pack

Ask for a hospital admissions pack which will give the doctors and nurses information on how to care for you, your implant and your speech processor.

Do you have a relative going into a care home who has a cochlear implant?

Care Home Pack

Ask for a care home pack which will give their carers information on how to care for them, their implant and their speech processor.

Cochlear Implant Users in Scotland to be given upgrade processors every 5 years

In England, many cochlear implant centres have a rolling programme for upgrading processors every 5 years. In NHS Scotland this has not happened before as funding was not available. Many cochlear implant users have never had their processor(s) upgraded as processors were only replaced if they were lost or damaged beyond repair. However, Scottish Government have recently announced a £3.2 million investment to allow the Scottish Cochlear Implant Programme at University Hospital Crosshouse to upgrade a large backlog of sound processors that patients have been using for over 5 years. Thereafter, all patients will have their processors upgraded every 5 years as part of a new policy for upgrading processors.

Older models of processor will be replaced with newer more up-to-date technology. The technology has improved significantly over the years, especially in front-end processing and connectivity to wireless technology. This will be of great benefit in challenging listening situations such as in the classroom and for accessing the telephone, music and the television. When new processors are launched, they tend to be backwards compatible with previous generations of implant (but it sometimes takes time for the companies to make them fully backwards compatible with the oldest models of implant). This enables existing cochlear implant users to benefit from the latest technology. Processors are not automatically upgraded when new technology becomes available. The Scottish Cochlear Implant Programme  expect sound processors to last at least 5 years.

Parents / Cochlear Implant users will be notified in advance if they are due to have their processor(s) upgraded at their next scheduled appointment. Further information will be posted on the Scottish Cochlear Implant Programme website as it becomes available.

Christmas Jumpers 2014

christmas jumpers 2014

Cochlear Children's Christmas Party 2014

This year’s Christmas Party was held on the 6th December in Crosshouse Hospital for children of 6 and under and their families. We had almost 50 children there this year and it was a very noisy afternoon! We played games with Jen from the Song and Dance Factory, enjoyed party food together and Santa stopped by to complete the afternoon. Thank you to everyone who helped make this day possible.

children's xmas party 2014

Well done Angus

Congratulations to Angus Richardson, cochlear implant user, who has just competed at his second Royal Yachting Association Youth Nationals.

Below is part of an article taken from the Royal Yachting Association Web Site. To read the full article go to this link.

Angus  Richardson

One of the biggest ambitions for young dinghy racers is to compete at the RYA Youth National Championships. 

It’s Britain’s Blue Riband youth racing event, and all our biggest Olympic names, including Ben Ainslie, Iain Percy and Sarah Ayton, have cut their teeth at the event.

Craignish Boat Club’s Laser Radial sailor, Angus Richardson, is no different, and having made his Youth Nationals debut at Largs last year, he once again took his place alongside the country’s top young talents at the 2014 championships at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy in April. 

“The Youth Nationals were amazing, but also very scary!” he admits. “Up until then I had only sailed in small fleets.

“To suddenly be competing with over 100 other Radials was quite daunting, but everyone was very helpful and made the safety boats aware that there was a deaf sailor in the fleet. I had a green half moon mark on my boat to identify me.” 

For 2014, the Laser Grand Prix in Scotland is again on his agenda, while he also hopes to do the Laser Nationals in Largs in August. At his club he is looking forward to helping with rescue boat duties to help with the younger cadets.

Angus works with a traditional boat builder, restoring classic boats and making new wooden boats. He is going to a traditional boat building college in September. For every door that has opened to Angus through sailing, he is in no doubt who to thank. 

“I LOVE my job. My ambition is to one day have my own wooden boat and race it,” he adds. “Craignish Boat Club has been incredibly supportive since I very first learned to sail and without the help from all the volunteer coaches I would not be sailing.” 

Angus  Richardson

Well done Angus on all your achievements.

Congratulations Graduate!

Morag EaglesonCongratulations to implant user Morag Eagleson (pictured above with her Mum) who graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Jewellery and Metal Design, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee.

Morag is having a year out to give her time to decide what she wants to do and is off to New Zealand to take a ski instructor course for 11 weeks- very exciting!

Morag we wish you all the best in whatever career you decide upon. Well done !

Children’s Party

This year’s  Cochlear Implant Clinic’s Christmas Party was held on the 7th December in Crosshouse Hospital for children of 6 and under and their families. We had over 40 children there this year and it was a very happy and noisy afternoon! We had entertainment and games from The Song and Dance Factory, enjoyed party food together and Santa stopped by with gifts for the children.

Thank you to all the staff who helped make it possible and to the children and their parents for coming along.

xmas 2013

Super Heroes Fun Day Out - Calderglen 2013

We had lots of fun with Super Heroes at Calderglen Country Park this August at the Cochlear Fun Day Out. The weather was good and both young and old enjoyed games and a show. Thanks to everyone who took part and made this day a success.

Calderglen Fun Day 2013

Great Britain Deaf Swimming

Great Britain Deaf Swimming team

Great Britain Deaf Swimming is a registered swimming club run by volunteers and affiliated to the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) South East Region. It welcomes all swimmers with hearing impairment from across the United Kingdom.

The National Deaf Swimming Championships and Deaf Swimming Gala were held in Loughborough in June 2012 and we would like to congratulate cochlear implant users Lucy Walkup and Jack McComish who swam very well winning first place in every event they entered.

To find out more look on their web site

A new website for teenagers with cochlear implants - come and join the fun!

Are you aged 13-19 years? Would you like to talk to other teenagers who have a cochlear implant? Come and make new friends, play games and find out about your cochlear implant. Join the website today!

This website is part of a PhD study at the University of Southampton (NHS research ethics study number 10/H0501/28). The aim of the research is to explore the experiences of adolescents with cochlear implants. For more information about the study please email the lead researcher, Victoria Watson:

Chatelherault Fun Day

Chatelherault Fun Day

Saturday 27th August 2011 was a little cloudy and overcast but it didn't stop our cochlear implant users and their families who were intent on having a good time! Despite the downpour that arrived on the dot of one o'clock everyone managed to organise some lunch and set off on their tasks.

Our little ones kept their parents busy with their very own treasure hunt. Back they all came – boxes laden with special Chatelherault gems!

Older children had their very own Knight's Quest venture. They were all very brave but not sure if anyone actually slayed the dragon yet?

Some young and not so young adults were happy to accompany our resident ranger and find out more about the natural world of Chatelherault. Well done to everyone who turned out and especially our little knights and princesses – you all looked fabulous.

Fun and games were enjoyed by all including the spectators! Congratulations to all of our prize-winners.

International Children’s Games

Cochlear implant user Michelle Boyle, pictured below, took the gold medal for Judo in the Girls over 70kg category.

The 45th International Children's Games, the world's biggest youth sporting event, was held in Lanarkshire this year for the first time. A total of 1,300 competitors and coaches, along with administrators and delegates representing 77 cities from 33 countries worldwide took part from the 3rd to the 8th of August 2011.

Cochlear implant user Michelle Boyle, pictured below, took the gold medal for Judo in the Girls over 70kg category.

We would like to congratulate Michelle on a wonderful achievement.

Holiday Loaner Forms

The clinic is unable to provide spare processors for holiday cover ,but they are available to loan from the implant companies themselves for a fee. These loaner forms are available to download and can be sent directly to the company involved.

Good News Gallery

Liam Moyes mascot for Hearts at the Scottish Cup Final

Football Focus

Congratulations to Liam Moyes , cochlear implant user, who was invited to be a mascot for Hearts at the Scottish Cup Final in May 2012 and is shown below walking out onto the pitch with the team.


Congratulations to Veronica Williamson who graduated in June with a 2:1 BSc Honours in Mechatronics and has secured a post with BAE Systems as an Electronics and Electrical Engineer in Maritime Naval Ships.

Well done Veronica!

agnes-fisherAgnes Fisher has written about her life (in particular growing-up with a dual sensory impairment). Well done Agnes !

All proceeds will go to DeafBlind Scotland.

For further information, please contact:

Deaf Blind Scotland,
21 Alexandra Avenue,
Kirkintilloch ,
Glasgow G66 5BG.

Khalida Tariq wins Tom Meek Award

Khalida Tariq wins Tom Meek AwardCongratulations to cochlear implant user Khalida Tariq who has won the prestigious Tom Meek Award. This award recognises students who have demonstrated commitment to adult learning and is named after the late Tom Meek, a volunteer with West Lothian Council's Adult Basic Education (ABE) service. Ten students were nominated by their tutors as recognition for all they have achieved and the final award winner was Khalida.

Khalida has had hearing loss since birth and received a cochlear implant two years ago. She attends a lip-reading group which has given her coping strategies for everyday life to help improve communication and she also attended the ABE course, Coping with Deafness, with her husband which helped him better understand her disability.

Khalida received the award in June 2011 at an event organised by the Friends of Adult Basic Education Charity. Well done Khalida!


Natalie Henderson My name is Natalie Henderson and I was awarded a BSc Honours (2:1) in Sport Studies, Physical Education and Professional Education. Even though I was meant to do probationary year as a PE teacher this year, however, teaching was not meant for me- just say patience is not one of my strongest qualities! But I am very very happy I have done this degree as I have learnt so much from it- I can now say I have tried and know what it is like rather than thinking about 'what if' if I didn't do the course. So I can now walk away from it and take the experience with me. Therefore, I am currently taking a year out to enjoy stress-free freedom and find out what is my future career path. At the moment, I am working in a UK-wide law firm in Glasgow as an Archives Assistant- it is not bad- quite straightforward job- just what I need for a year out. I am still thinking of having a career in a sports-related field but not teaching/coaching- more like organising sport events- I'd love to get involved in upcoming commonwealth games in 2014- something like that. I need to find a job in that direction and work my way up so fingers crossed!!


image"My name is Kenneth O'Neill and I am 22 years old. I have studied Mathematics at Strathclyde University for the past 4 years and graduated last July with a First Class Honours Degree.

I am currently studying Mathematics at PhD level for 3 years which is very hard work but am thoroughly enjoying."



Congratulations to these cochlear implant users for their outstanding achievements.If you know of anyone who has had recent success in any field let us know.


Step back in Time

Darren & Hussein

Implant users Darren O'Donnell and Hussein Mohammed (pictured with their teacher Mrs Blair) have been studying World War 2. Their Primary 7 Class in St Joseph's Hearing Impairment Unit in Glasgow threw a 1940's tea party for parents and professionals on 30th March 09. They transformed their classroom into 1940's style (complete with Anderson shelter and gas masks) and filled the walls with information on rationing, world leaders the blitz etc. Children and staff wore themed outfits and treated visitors to a cream tea. Primary 7 entertained the company with poems and songs - concluding with rousing choruses of "roll out the barrel" and "Run rabbit run".


Warren Estabrooks


Rehabilitation professionals from across Scotland attended a study day in Crosshouse Hospital on Saturday 6th November on 'Techniques, Strategies and Procedures in Auditory Verbal Therapy'.

The guest speaker was Warren Estabrooks, M.Ed., Dip.Ed. Deaf, Cert. AVT®, who is the director of the Learning to Listen Foundation in Toronto, Canada. As an international consultant and an AG Bell International Ambassador, a role focused on promoting listening and talking, Warren Estabrooks travels worldwide to help train and develop professionals in Auditory-Verbal therapy, auditory (re)habilitation, auditory learning, childhood hearing impairment and cochlear implant habilitation.

The event was sponsored by Cochlear UK Ltd and the Scottish Cochlear Implant Programme and attended by around 100 delegates. It was a very informative and enjoyable day.


If you have any problems downloading the forms on this page use the link on the right to update to the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.